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Arbor Lawn covers large amounts of Central North Carolina including the Raleigh Triangle area and the Greensboro area. Listed below are some of the towns and surrounding areas that we service:

There are many reasons that people need trees removed from their property. Sometimes trees get old and need to come down for safety reasons so that no one gets hurt and no property becomes damages, such as a house or other structure. Sometimes trees hang over a sidewalk or driveway and in order to help prevent injury or property damage, it is necessary to trim sections of it away.

That is what Arbor Lawn is here for. We remove trees, trim trees, grind stumps and provide emergency tree removal services around Central North Carolina. We have been doing it for several years and all of out tree removal technicians are experts and committed to safety.

Whatever your situation, Arbor Lawn is your go-to tree removal service. We are ready twenty-four hours a day, seven days week to respond to your call and expertly remove your tree by an professional team of tree removal specialists to keep your property safe, up-to-code and looking great.

For Tree Removal Services, call us at: (919) 954-2244

Call Us: (919) 954-2244

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