Tree Removal Safety in Durham NC

by | Oct 4, 2016 | tree service durham nc |

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Trees are a great addition to the environment. They provide shading, make oxygen; homes for animals and their leafy blooms create an attractive canopy. Trees can also be trouble when they grow too close to buildings creating a permanent shadow that affects energy efficiency, dead and diseased trunks and branches that could cause injuries or roots that damage sidewalks and create hazards on roads. Tree removal may be necessary when the tree is more trouble than good in the environment.

Safety is extremely crucial during tree removal and the following are some important safety measures to take:

Wear protective gear

Wearing protective gear is a must for everyone working near the tree removal site. Protective clothing such as hard hats, safety goggles, gloves, reflective jackets and steel toe boots could help prevent serious injury from falling trees and branches.

Assume all power lines are energized

Any power lines around the tree removal area could be extremely dangerous since they could cause electrocution or a fire. Any kind of tree removal done within ten feet of a power line should be by trained and experienced tree trimmers for obvious safety reasons. It is also advisable to contact the utility company in advance to de-energize and ground or shield the power lines for the tree removal.

Perform a hazard assessment

Before considering tree removal, it is crucial to perform a hazard basement. Besides power lines, you should be concerned about nearby structure that could be damaged by falling trees. The natural lean of the tree will also tell which side it will fall and this should be a major hazard assessment consideration. Other factors like close proximity to children play areas or busy roads should also be put to consideration. Contact Arbor Lawn Inc for more details.

Weak limbs and trunks

When dealing with trees that have weak limbs and trunks, the best approach would be a sectional removal. These branches can cause a lot of damage since it is difficult to determine when and where they will fall. Sometimes a safe sectional tree removal is better than felling the entire tree, especially when you do not have a large felling space to work with.

Keep everyone away from the tree removal site

Anyone who is not part of the process or working should not be anywhere near the tree removal Durham NC site. Professionals understand the basic safety rules such as never turn your back on a falling tree and so on, but the same cannot be said for anyone else. It is just best to keep them away until the process is complete.