Arbor lawn tree removalThe vast majority of tree removal tasks need to be handled by the professionals only; you should not consider them as DIY jobs unless you have good knowledge and experience. Hiring a tree expert for your tree removal tasks is the best move you can make. These professionals do an onsite evaluation and decide if it is the time to take a tree down. They will assess the following areas before tree removal.

The Overall Physical Condition of the Tree

If a particular tree has a weak physical condition (more than 50% is damaged), it might be the time for removal. Although trees may recover over the time, there is a high potential for them to gain irregular shapes when recovering.  These irregular shapes may make the tree unstable and a fall risk.

The Condition of the Trunk

If the trunk of the tree has internal decay, it should be removed.  Decay is identified by vertical cracks in the trunk, large wounds, etc. If the internal damage is severe, it is time for a tree removal. However, trees can overcome most minor injuries. Also, if the tree has a hollow trunk, it is a bad sign; the smallest amount of force can make the tree fall.

Large Dead Branches

Whenever a tree has large dead branches, consider it a threat to both people and property around it. If the vast majority (about 75%) of the limbs aren’t damaged, the tree may survive; but the dead branches should be removed immediately.  Apart from that, if the tree limbs are evenly distributed a tree expert can take various measures to rectify the tree, but if the tree has all its dead branches on the same side, it demands the immediate attention of an arborist.

Leaning Trees

For obvious reasons, leaning trees are more dangerous than straight ones. Sudden leaning trees are dangerous; it can be a sign of weak roots and a potential fall. Therefore, you must attend to leaning trees as soon as possible.

Growing Fungus Near the Base

Although not all the mushrooms and fungus near the tree base are hazardous, some of them can rot the tree gradually. It is best to consult a tree expert to attend such issues.

Apart from that, you should probably go for a tree removal if more than half of the root system is damaged. The first thing you should do when an abnormality is detected is to consult a tree expert before trying anything by yourself. We’re available throughout the Raleigh Triangle area for all types of services. Dropping a tree down, pruning away old dead limbs or limbs that have just grown out too far or present a risk, stump removals and grinding – even flat out lot clearing!

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