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Trimming your trees on a regular basis, such as annually or seasonally, is one of the best things you can do to keep your trees healthy and looking terrific. Arbor Lawn has been trimming trees in the Raleigh area for several years and has expert tree trimmers ready to trim the trees on your property according to your specific needs and specie of tree.

As expert tree trimmers in Raleigh, we are well aware of the problems that can arise as a result of improper tree trimming and pruning. We have years of experience trimming trees in and around the Raleigh area which makes us uniquely qualified to trim the trees on your property. Whether you have oak and pine trees that a commonly found around the Raleigh area or unique ornamental trees or even fruit and nut trees, we can expertly trim and prune your tree to keep it healthy, thriving and looking great.

Types of Tree Trimming

A properly pruned tree that is cared for regularly is often a very healthy, thriving tree. We at Arbor Lawn are well versed and knowledgeable about a variety of tree trimming and pruning techniques, such as:

Tree Thinning

This pertains to strategically cutting branches throughout the inside of the tree. Targeted branches for this kind of tree trimming tend to be those that are dense and living too close to one another. These branches compete for necessary resources, such as adequate sunlight. Thinning out clusters of branches helps the tree thrive. Weak branches are also removed so that the stronger branches can also thrive and not be hampered by the weaker branches. A tree that has been properly trimmed and prunes also maintains its optimal shape.

tree trimming raleigh nc

Tree Skirting

This technique removes branches from the tree that are closer to the ground. There are many reasons for doing this. Often times, the lower branches are removed to remove an obstruction to pedestrian traffic. More often than not, skirting a tree is done to create a beautiful, attractive appearance that creates a unique view on the owner’s property. As with other types of tree trimming, improper skirting of a tree can permanently damage a tree so it must be done by a trained professional, such as Arbor Lawn.

Tree Windowing

This involves a unique type of pruning process whereby strategically removing branches creates a type of “window” resulting in a particularly visually engaging view of the foliage. When the sun is in the right part of the sky and people are standing in the right area, the resulting view of the windowed foliage can be amazing.

Often times it is necessary to trim a tree to remove dead branches as well as branches that are causing undue balance issues for the rest of the tree. An expertly trimmed tree helps to elevate the canopy of the tree and allows optimal flow of wind and sun throughout the tree. As a result, every part of the tree receives an optimal amount of sun, allowing the tree to grow more fully, instead of growing unevenly. When trees are trimmed as they grow they can be shaped so that they are not only very healthy and thriving trees but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With regards to fruit and nut trees, properly trimmed trees can help the tree produce more fruit and nuts.

Lastly, trimming a tree keeps it healthy and strong so that it can better withstand the intense forces upon it during periods of intense weather, such as a hurricane or ice storm. Raleigh is known for fierce storms, particularly during hurricane season and tree trimming can help reduce the effects of a major weather event on your trees and on your property.

These tree trimming and pruning techniques and much more are available as part of our Raleigh tree trimming & pruning services. Give us a call and get your free, no-obligation quote today!

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