Arbor Lawn tree trimmingA Bradford pear tree in the yard is a beautiful flowering tree in the spring even though it is considered to be an annoyance by most property owners. The Bradford Pear Tree is a deciduous tree. This particular tree is available in the North American regions. Although it has white flowers, the tree is famous for it’s unpleasant, rotting fish smell, particularly during spring and summer. Because of this smell, people tend to keep this tree away from their yards as much as possible. Tree trimming services across the America often get requests from property owners to handle Bradford Pear Trees.

Why are Bradford Pears not the best type of the tree to keep in a yard?

The following facts will help any homeowner to make a decision about the Bradford Pears in their gardens.

Branches are Not Sturdy

Although a Bradford pear tree can reach a height of about 60 feet within a short period, they have fragile branches. When exposed to stronger winds, the branches will be vulnerable to break and fall making the yard a messy place. If the trees are located close to power lines, things can become dangerous. Property owners who have Bradford Pear Trees in their gardens must get the assistance of a Tree trimming service before the arrival of high winds.

Unpleasant Smell

Bradford Pear trees are well known for their unbearable smell which is pretty much similar to rotting fish. This stench is not a very welcoming situation for a property owner. Such smell can make a particular property unpleasant for both the neighbors and visitors too.

Grass Gets Less Sunlight

Bradford Pear Trees have highly dense branches. Because of this density, sunlight hardly breaks through the branches. As a result of that, eventually, the grass underneath may not grow.

Fruit are Not Edible

Contrary to usual pear varieties, Bradford pear is not edible. They can be harmful to dogs too. Because of the sturdiness of these fruits, they can cause damage to lawn mowers.

Some people still wish to keep these trees in their yards; they must seek the assistance of a professional tree trimming service. For all your tree trimming needs, contact Arbor Lawn at 800-331-1746.