Why is Tree Trimming Necessary?

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tree trimming raleigh ncTaking care of your trees should not be taken lightly. If you need an expert, Arbor Lawn is the company for all your tree care needs. Trees are important in your home because they make the compound more appealing and keep the air fresh. Tree trimming is important so as to continue enjoying these benefits without causing any damage. Trimming is done because of the following:

Promote growth

Trimming trees removes the sick, dead and unwanted parts so as to create room for fresh ones to flourish. A tree will be able to produce more branches, flowers or fruits if the undesired parts are removed. Failure to remove them stagnates growth, weakens the tree and the entire tree might end up diseased or rotten.

Improve aesthetic appeal

Hanging branches and diseased parts are a huge turnoff. If you don’t trim trees, your compound will look unkempt even if you have a beautiful lawn. So it’s important to trim those undesired parts so as to keep your compound looking neat.

Protect your family and pets

Weak branches may fall off when your kids are playing outside and cause serious injuries. This is a risk that should be avoided especially considering that tree branches are usually very heavy. You may end up damaging the life of your loved ones by simply failing to trim trees.

Property damage

Tree trimming is also necessary so as to protect your property. If trees planted near power lines are not regularly trimmed, the branches may grow tall enough and hit wires causing serious damage. This will lead to loss of power and even fires. You will spend a lot of money to repair the damage caused to your power lines and other areas, not to mention huge fines that maybe imposed on you. So if you have power lines passing near trees, have them trimmed regularly.

When there are rains or strong winds, the weak branches might break off and fall onto your house causing damage. They may shatter your windows, destroy satellite discs, and other appliances installed on the exterior of your home.

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Better sunlight exposure

Too many branches on trees may be blocking ample sunlight exposure. This will affect the quality of time that you spend outdoors. A tree expert will trim off some branches so that you can enjoy the cool morning sunlight as you take your breakfast.

Improve the sale value of your home

If you want to sell your place, you should consider tree trimming to boost the value. If the compound looks unkempt, the buyer will use this as a basis to negotiate a lower price.

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