Why Tree Trimming is Important

by | Apr 11, 2016 | tree trimming |

tree trimming raleigh ncTrees are a great complement to any landscaping design. They provide varying heights to the landscape design, excellent shading and can also be used for additional designs like installing lighting fixtures on the branches. Trees require just as much care and maintenance as other landscaping features. Disease and pest affect them quite often too. If you want to maintain a beautiful natural environment around your home or business, you should have a keen focus on tree maintenance in Raleigh.

Trimming or pruning is one of the most common maintenance practices for trees that involve cutting off parts of the branches and twigs on the tree. A professional arborist should carry out tree trimming. They understand the different growth and maintenance needs of tree varieties and do an excellent job at maintenance.

Prevent the spread of pests and disease

Raleigh NC tree trimming is necessary to prevent the spread of pests and disease. If just a few branches of the tree are diseased or pest infested, trimming and treating the stub can prevent these disease from spread. Regular trimming is necessary to maintain a healthy tree population since it prevents the spread of disease from one tree to another as well.

Safe removal of dead branches

Dead branches hang precariously with the risk of falling on unsuspecting victims down below. Sometimes tree branches dry out from mechanical damage. If left hanging, these dead branches could fall off and hurt someone or damage nearby construction, vehicles and other property nearby. Trimming allows for the safe removal of these branches before they cause any real damage.

Lush growth

If you want your trees to grow a lush burst of leaves, trimming off the top of the tree is necessary. Trimming the top of the can promote a new vigorous sprout of leaves that creates a thicker canopy, especially for trees that are used to provide shade or act as privacy barriers. Trimming the branches of the tree, on the other hand, promotes vertical growth when you want your trees to grow taller.

Aesthetic designs

Tree trimming enables arborists to come up with interesting aesthetic designs for trees. They can use the lush growth of branches and trees to create abstract shapes that wonderfully complement the landscape. Some landscaping designers are known professionally for creating some of the most decorative shapes on trees. Aesthetic tree trimming is great for landscape centerpieces or focal points.

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